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On the set of the WBTV morning news show in August 2016, promoting the annual Charlotte Pride Festival and Parade! (L-R: Kristen Miranda, Charlotte Pride emcee Malachi, Matt, John Carter)

Hi! My name is Matt. I hail from Winston-Salem, N.C., and currently live in Charlotte where I most recently worked as editor of QNotes, the Charlotte-based LGBT community newspaper of North Carolina. I absolutely love telling stories and I love my community! I continue to do freelance news and opinion writing, as well as media and marketing consulting work for a variety of clients. I currently volunteer with several organizations, as well as serving as a City Council-appointed member of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Community Relations Committee.

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I want to help you tell your story! I have more than a decade’s experience in community organizing, journalism, storytelling and in local, regional and national community advocacy. I understand what it takes to build a personal, organizational or corporate brand, and I LOVE telling stories — whether I’m writing news, freelancing a column or helping you craft your brand. Let me help share your story today. Click here to learn more about my services…

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Gilbert Baker, his rainbow flag, and a personal story I’ve never shared before

On the passing of Gilbert Baker, a personal story of the rainbow flag I’ve never shared before.

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Coffee and conversation with Sen. Joel Ford

Sen. Joel Ford and I agree that HB2 needs to go. But that’s just about where the similarities end.

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Franklin Graham’s unwitting PR media machine

Why pay for publicists when you have the world’s media outlets at your beck and call?

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