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No news or commentary this weekend, friends. Happy Labor Day!

I did want to take the time to offer a personal note of reflection on these last two weeks of transition for me. I’m looking back fondly on the nearly eight years of writing I did at the newspaper, hopeful that those voluminous archives helped positively shape our community and our conversations.

I’ve been blessed to be surrounded by a close circle of unimaginably supportive and caring friends, all of whom have helped to guide me in new directions, offer great advice and, simply, just be there.

And I’ve been equally blessed to have had the support of fans, followers and community members — be that through your readership, your social media sharing and conversation or your personal gifts to help sustain my writing.

And I’ve been lucky to have found new writing opportunities locally, regionally and elsewhere. I’m excitedly looking forward to these new opportunities, including a new monthly column in Creative Loafing Charlotte starting the first week of October.

I’m so grateful for your support, your friendship and your readership. I’m happy knowing members of the community still find my continued writing on local LGBT politics helpful and insightful. Thanks for rebooting the web traffic and readership on my personal writing. It means a lot.

As I continue looking for new work and career opportunities, I’ll also continue to write news, analysis and commentary for you. I care deeply and passionately about this community. But writing, research and publication doesn’t come cheap. It takes time and energy. And I think it has good value — for individual readers, for the community, for public discussion. Would you consider lending me a hand? Your one-time personal gift or on-going monthly patron support ensures I can continue to deliver the kind of in-depth and insightful news and analysis you’ve come to expect from me. Click here to learn more about sending a personal gift. 

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