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No one doubts it — this year’s municipal elections in Charlotte are tough. The city is dealing with a multitude of pressing issues, each with the power to shape hundreds of thousands of individuals’ lives for the better or the worse. In the front of my mind, as it similarly may be for other LGBT voters, is this year’s failed LGBT-inclusive non-discrimination ordinance.

The ordinance effort has shaped community action and responses in ways never seen, or, at the least, in ways not seen among this city’s LGBT community in quite a long time. I’ve been inspired by the community mobilization and discussion. Even where individual community members don’t agree, I’m glad this kind of public discourse on who is best to lead us is taking place in such a grand fashion.

Like other voters, I’ve spent a long time thinking about who I’d vote for in the Democratic City Council primary and Democratic mayoral primary. I’ve been conflicted on several candidates, but I’ve viewed the voter guides and endorsements, gone back to read old news reports and followed candidates’ activities over the past several weeks. The difficulty in making a final choice has been great, and it’s the primary reason, though I’ve been asked repeatedly, why I’ve not issued any sort of personal endorsements until now.

At the very foundation of my choices this year lies character. Specifically, I’ve found that two indicators of character — authenticity (or trustworthiness, if you will) and loyalty — have formed the significant bulk of my decision making.

Before you read my personal choices for candidates, though, I’d encourage you to check in on several pieces of news and reporting. Click here to read my Q&As with mayoral candidates Dan Clodfelter and Jennifer Roberts and click here to see an archive of recent TurnOUT Charlotte! stories or click here to see all recent stories dealing generally with the election. Over at QNotes, you can read back on the ordinance effort here and on more general politics stories here.

I didn’t make my choices in a vacuum — I read, I spoke to friends, I talked with candidates. I would never expect you to make your choices without this kind of effort either.

Click here to read my personal endorsements in the Democratic and Republican mayoral primaries, as well as my endorsements for the Democratic City Council primaries.

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