My Services

I want to help you tell your story and build your brand

I have more than a decade’s experience in community organizing, journalism, storytelling and in local, regional and national community advocacy. I understand what it takes to build a personal, organizational or corporate brand, and I LOVE telling stories — whether I’m writing news, freelancing a column or helping you craft your brand. Let me help share your story today.

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My Services

I offer a variety of services, from regular contract work to one-time design and consulting. Fees vary according to each project but are modest and affordable for any sized budget.

Contact me at 704-625-6449 or for more information.

Content Creation, Reporting, Editing and Proofreading

I am currently accepting freelance and individual project assignments for editing/proofreading, including news and other reporting or op-ed assignments, school papers, corporate projects/business proposals, entry-level resumes and more. I’m also available to assist with your content creation — everything from company blog posts and featured stories to annual reports and news reporting and more.


Integrate WordPress as a content management system for your new site or for an existing site. WordPress acts as an easy-to-use content management system and blog platform. Easy to navigate and easy to learn,  you’ll feel as comfortable with WordPress as you do any word processing program. Plus, you’ll never have to know any HTML coding to update or maintain your website!

Content Management

Already have a website and content management system? Just don’t have the time to keep it updated? I’ll keep the juices flowing with fresh, updated content on your website for you — and even push it out to the masses following you on your social media platforms.

Marketing Strategy

It’s not enough to have just a website and social media presence. They need to work together, along with your marketing materials and content. Storytelling only works when told consistently according to a smart marketing strategy. I can help you create editorial and marketing calendars and strategies that keep your organization, company, brand or products front and center.

Social Media Implementation & Integration

Don’t have a clue how to go about setting up your Twitter, Facebook, MySpace or other social media accounts? Let me do the work for you. I can also integrate these social media technologies into your existing online presence (see below). Once you’ve set up your social media accounts, let me work with you to formulate a solid integration strategy. Your website, blog, Twitter and Facebook should work with each other to make your brand stronger, reach out to more customers or community members and increase awareness of your business or organization.

Email marketing

Keep your brand, your cause and your passion in front of the eyes of your customers and supporters. Like direct mail, email marketing takes your message directly to the source of your income, fundraising and membership support. I can set-up your email marketing accounts, help you manage your subscribers and help develop a strategy to integrate your already-existing online presence into your new email newsletters.

Subscription Services

I offer several subscription options which can Optimize, Insure and Advise your projects or programs.

OPTIMIZE: Regular website or content review, suggested changes and revisions, ongoing content creation and more.

INSURE: Regular website maintenance including updates and upgrades, website backups.

ADVISE: Ongoing consultation, reviews, reporting and more.

Many clients choose one or several subscription services after their initial projects are completed. We can discuss subscription options when we sit down to discuss your project goals and needs.

Contact me at 704-625-6449 or for more information or message me below.