Audio: Matt’s speech on ‘Sharing our Stories’

On Saturday, March 28, 2015, I had the pleasure and privilege to speak to a small conference of LGBT and ally community organizers in Gastonia, N.C. Organized by Gaston Has Heart, it was Gaston County’s first local LGBT community organizing and education conference. I was honored to be asked to deliver the closing keynote speech.

The audio is about 36 minutes or so long. Listen to the remarks below.

Imattcomer-gastonhasheart‘m sharing it with you in case you missed the event and also because I believe my remarks carry an important message β€” to change our communities and our world, we must share our stories. We must become, much as our opponents are, evangelists β€” for our lived truths and, as I say in my remarks, for a truer, more accurate Gospel of Christ’s radical love and affirmation, taking this message directly to the people who would seek to use the word of God as a weapon against us, instead of a tool of affirmation and inclusion.

[Pictured right: My friend Mel’s Instagram while I was speaking.]

But, a note: This was perhaps the first time in as many as eight or so years that I was asked to speak at length in a keynote speech-style setting. I’m rusty. Very rusty. And I was a bit nervous. So, excuse all that. πŸ™‚

Thanks again to the organizers for inviting me to speak, share my own story and impart some of my ideas on those gathered.

[Click here to download .mp3 file if the audio player isn’t working or you’d simply like to save it.]